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  • C. Gillmann, E. Chassefière and P. Lognonné. A consistent picture of early hydrodynamic escape of Venus atmosphere explaining present Ne and Ar isotopic ratios and low oxygen atmospheric content. Earth and Plant. Sci. Lett. 2009.

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  • C.Gillmann, P.Lognonné and E.Chassefière, The Present-Day Atmosphere of Mars: Where Does it Come From?, Earth and Plant. Sci. Lett. (2009), volume 277, 384-393.

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  • P. van Thienen, K.Benzerara, D. Breuer, C.Gillmann, S.Labrosse, P. Lognonné and T. Spohn, 2007. Water, Life and Planetary Geodynamical Evolution. Space Sci. Rev. 129, 167-203. In Geology and Habitability of Terrestrial Planets, K.E. Fishbaugh, P. Lognonné, F. Raulin, D.J. Des Marais and O. Korablev (Eds), Space Sciences Series of ISSI.

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  • C.Gillmann, 2009. Habitabilité à long terme des planètes telluriques (Thèse). Dirigée par Philippe Lognonné et Eric Chassefière.

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  • C. Gillmann, P. Lognonné and M. Moreira, Volatiles in the atmosphere of Mars: the effects of volcanism and escape constrained by isotopic data.EPSL.

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  • Leblanc F., E. Chassefière, C. Gillmann and D. Breuer, 2012. Mars’ atmospheric 40Ar: A tracer for past crustal erosion. Icarus, Volume 218, Issue 1, March 2012, Pages 561–570
  • C. Gillmann and P. Tackley (2013 submitted at JGR Planets), Atmosphere/mantle coupling and feedbacks on Venus. (Journal impact factor 3.174 in 2012).
  • C. Gillmann and G. Golabek (in preparation)

          Other Publications:

  • C.Gillmann, 2012. Evolution of the Martian Atmosphere: a Short Review. In « Mars Transaction » (Mars Society Italy publication).