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  • C. Gillmann, E. Chassefière and P. Lognonné. A consistent picture of early hydrodynamic escape of Venus atmosphere explaining present Ne and Ar isotopic ratios and low oxygen atmospheric content. Earth and Plant. Sci. Lett. 2009, Volume 286, Issues 3–4, p. 503–513.

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  • C. Gillmann, P.Lognonné and E.Chassefière, The Present-Day Atmosphere of Mars: Where Does it Come From?, Earth and Plant. Sci. Lett. 2009, volume 277, Issues 3-4, 384-393.

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  • P. van Thienen, K.Benzerara, D. Breuer, C.Gillmann, S.Labrosse, P. Lognonné and T. Spohn, 2007. Water, Life and Planetary Geodynamical Evolution. Space Sci. Rev. 129, 167-203. In Geology and Habitability of Terrestrial Planets, K.E. Fishbaugh, P. Lognonné, F. Raulin, D.J. Des Marais and O. Korablev (Eds), Space Sciences Series of ISSI.

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  • C. Gillmann. Habitabilité à long terme des planètes telluriques (PhD Thesis). Directed by Philippe Lognonné and Eric Chassefière at IPGP, Paris, 2009

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  • C. Gillmann, E. Chassefière, P. Lognonné. Water on Venus: Implications of the Early Hydrodynamic Escape. EPSC, 2010. Roma, Italy


  • C. Gillmann, P. Lognonné and M. Moreira, Volatiles in the atmosphere of Mars: the effects of volcanism and escape constrained by isotopic data. Earth and Plant. Sci. Lett. 2011, Volume 303, Issues 3–4, p. 299–309.

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  • C. Gillmann, P. Tackley. The effects of mantle dynamics and atmospheric escape on the atmosphere of terrestrial planets. EPSC-DPS, 2011. Nantes, France.

  • Leblanc F., E. Chassefière, C. Gillmann and D. Breuer. Mars’ atmospheric 40Ar: A tracer for past crustal erosion. Icarus, 2012, Volume 218, Issue 1, Pages 561-570.

  • C. Gillmann and P. Tackley, Atmosphere/mantle coupling and feedbacks on Venus. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. Volume 119, Issue 6, pages 1189–1217, June 2014.

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  • C. Gillmann, P. Tackley and G. Golabek. Large impacts and the evolution of Venus; an atmosphere/mantle coupled model. EPSC 2014. Cascais, Portugal.

  • Dehant V., Baludikay B. K., Beghin J., Breuer D., Claeys Ph., Cornet Y., Cornet L., Debaille V., El Atrassi F., François C., De Keyser J., C. Gillmann, Goderis S., Hidaka Y., Höning D., Hublet G., Javaux E., Karatekin Ö., Maes L., Mattielli N., Maurice M., McKibbin S., Neumann W., Noack L., Pittarello L., Plesa A.-C., Robert S., Spohn T., Storme J-Y, Tosi N., Valdes M., Vandaele A. C., Vanhaecke F., Van Hoolst T., Wilquet V., and Planet TOPERS group, 2015, “PLANET TOPERS: Planets, Tracing the Transfer, Origin, Preservation, and Evolution of their ReservoirS.”, Submitted to Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres.

  • C. Gillmann, Golabek G. and Tackley, P., 2015. “Effects of Giant Impacts on the Mantle and Atmosphere of Terrestrial Planets at Medium and Long Timescales” (oral). EPSC 2015, Nantes, France, 5-9 October 2015.

  • C. Gillmann, G. Golabek, P. Tackley. Effect of a single large impact on the coupled atmosphere-interior evolution of Venus. Icarus 2016.

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  • C. Gillmann, Golabek G. and Tackley P. Large Impacts on Venus, Effects on long term evolution. International Venus Conference 2016, Oxford, U.K., 4-8 April 2016.

  • C. Gillmann et al., The role of the formation of the moon in the creation of early habitability on the Earth

  • (en prep.) C. Gillmann, O. Karatekin and Q. Wallemacq. Surface heating by impacts on primitive Mars.

  • (en prep.) C. Gillmann, G. Golabek, S. Raymond. Consequences of Late Veneer era on Venus.

          Other Publications:

  • C.Gillmann, 2012. Evolution of the Martian Atmosphere: a Short Review. In « Mars Transaction » (Mars Society Italy publication)
  • C. Gillmann. MAVEN, à quoi ça sert ?, Published by the Mars Society, France. 2016.